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windows 8.1 activator 2019 latest update 100% working


Windows 8.1 activator is the most widely used activator for the activation of windows 8.1 after the expiration of the trial period. Have you installed windows 8.1 copy version in your computer? Do you want to activate your windows 8.1 free of cost? Are you searching for an efficient activator for your windows 8.1 operating system? If you have these types of question then you are requested to be tension free! We are here for you to overcome the limitation of yours! Here in this content you will get the complete details of windows 8.1 activation free of cost.

An operating system is considered as the soul of the computer. Without an operating system the computer hardware’s are valueless like a body without soul.  The more transparent operating system is more acceptable to the people. The computer is not only used by the computer expert it is used by varieties of people for various purposes. Thus the operating system should be universal as that everyone can access with this. In the computer user society the windows operating system is a common name as universal operating system. This windows operating system is from the worlds famous software marketer and developer company Microsoft Corporation. The windows 8.1 operating system is the most popular operating system from Microsoft Corporation. it is the popular one after a successful launching of windows 10 operating system.  This windows 8.1 operating system combines the coolest features from windows 7 and windows 8. The bugs are fixed in this version of Windows operating system. This operating system are not only limited in the computer but also used in the mobile phone also.

Most of the computer users using the trial version or copy version of windows 8.1 operating system because of don’t having the ability to purchase this. The price of this operating system is so high as much as 300 USD which is impossible for most of the user. For the very good user friendly interface most of the user want to use this operating system in their computer even trial version. The trial version will valid only a few days or limited time. When the trial period is over then it requires the product key or activation key for the further progress. The product key is the set of 25 unique characters that is used to access the full version. The product key is only available with the genuine version or paid version. This product key is required during the installation process. Once the product key is placed then the operating system will activated as the permanent version. If you don’t enter the product key then the installation process will complete as the trial version. In the trial version you will always ask for the product key or activation. Many of the premium features are not available in the trial version. A message will display in the desktop screen that “your Windows is not genuine, please activate your windows”.

If you want to activate your copy of windows then you need to enter the genuine product key. The genuine product key is only available with the genuine version of windows. The computer user who is using the trial version that is free version wants to get the full version with free of cost. The software developer develops a software tool for the activation of windows 8.1 operating system without any cost. This software tool is the windows 8.1 activator software. One can use this activator tool for the activation of windows 8.1 full version without any cost.

The windows 8.1 activator is the most efficient activator to all class of people. This activator is very easy to use with a very simple user friendly interface. You don’t have to be a computer expert or hire a computer expert to activate your windows 8.1 operating system through this activator tool. You are not asking many computer programs that you don’t have to have a huge knowledge about the computer system while using this. You just need to download and install it in your computer and it will automatically activate your system. While you click on the set up file of the activator then it will starts working through background and complete the activation process. After the activation through the windows 8.1 activator you will be able to use the premium features that are not available in the trial version. Thus it can unlock the premium features. Once the activation process will complete through the windows 8.1 activator it would not require further activation. You will get the life time validity of your windows 8.1 operating system like the genuine one. The message request of activating windows in the screen will removed and the genuine windows logo will appear in the desktop. Thus the benefit of using Windows 8.1 activator for the activation of windows is undoubting.

Safety issue of windows 8.1 activator:

While you are a trial version user of windows 8.1 operating system then you need to activate the system through any process. If you want to activate your windows operating system free of cost then you need to use the activator software like the windows 8.1 activator. As these types of software’s are the external software then there is a risk of using these types of software’s. Normally the computer asks for your permission before installing in your computer. After the permission from you the computer starts the installation process. Thus before providing the permission you have to have the clear concept about the safety of that software. There are many website from where you will get this activator but you will get the secured software from the trusted site. In many cases the activator software may contain virus malware or other harmful program spread by the bad programmer. If you use this activator from unsafe website then it may cause harm of your computer and data as well. Some of the activator software cannot activate the windows it just waste your time.

As you visited this site then you may trust us about the safety of windows 8.1 activator. The activator software from here is completely free from virus malware or other suspicious program. If you use this software it would not makes any harm of your computer. While you use this activator for the activation then it can activate your windows 8.1 with life time validity. That means it would not require any activation further like the genuine version. Once the windows 8.1 activated through the activator tools the premium features can be unlock which are not available in the trial version.  This windows 8.1 activator comes with the upgrade version of windows 8 operating system. If you are a user of windows 8 operating system and would if you want to upgrade your operating system to windows 8.1 then this activator is the best route to upgrade your windows. While you use this windows 8.1 activator for upgrading your windows 8 to windows 8.1 then you will be able to do it for free of cost. If upgrade to the most recent version of windows operating system then you will be able to use some exceptional features in this upgrade version. While you upgrade your operating system then with this your windows is also activated at that time. This one is the best way to activate the windows with up gradation without any cost.

Features of windows 8.1 activator:

  1. This is the best one activator for windows 8 and windows 8.1 with a very efficient success rate.
  2. It gives life time activation like the permanent version. It is not like the other activator that cannot activate the windows permanently. If once your product is activate through this activator your windows will activated as the permanent version.
  3. Auto activation process. This activator tool will give you a auto activation method though which you don’t need to know the difficult computer programs and don’t need to hire an computer expert. For the activation process you just need to download and install this software in your computer and click on the activation button. The activation process will occurs in the background you need to just wait a few moments the activation process will complete within a short time.
  4. Parallel activation process. This windows 8.1 activator can activate both the windows 8 and windows 8.1 at the same time with a single click. It can automatically detect the version and editions of windows that needs to activate.
  5. Clean and malware free. This activator is completely free from virus malware or other suspicious program. This activator is safe for use in the computer and you can ensure that it will not make any harm of your computer.
  6. Offline activation. This activator tool does not require internet connection like the other activator available. You can activate your windows with and without internet connection through this activator as wish.
  7. Very easy to use. This software has a very useful and easy interface. You don’t need to know much about the software and computer system to activate the windows through this activator.
  8. Supports both the 32 and 64 bit version. While this activator is used for the activation of your windows then it can activate both the 32 and 64 bit version of windows operating system. So there is no issue that what version of windows you are using and want to activate this.
  9. Supports the latest operating system. You can activate the most recent operating system that is released from the Microsoft Corporation.
  10. Multilingual. This activator software is multi lingual. As an international product it is available in most of the available language in the present world.
  11. System requirements for the windows 8.1 activator:
  12. The windows 8.1 activator requires some system configuration for the better performance. You need to fulfill the system requirements for the efficient functioning.
  13. The processor of the CPU must be more than 1 GHz or higher.
  14. It requires minimum 2 GB of RAM.
  15. The minimum hard disk space for the proper installation of windows 8 and 8.1 operating system is near about 16 GB or higher.
  16. How to install this windows 8.1 activator for the proper activation?
  17. Download this activator software from the link given here.
  18. Unzip the file through the proper ZIP software.
  19. After unzip or extractions please open the folder containing this application.
  20. Run the windows 8.1 activator as an administrator.
  21. While running this then please select activate or windows activation option while appear.
  22. You need to wait a while to complete the installation process.
  23. While the dialog box scheduler will appear to you then please click on the yes option.
  24. It’s done now your windows will automatically update.


  • You will get the fantastic windows start up.
  • The mouse and keyboard usability will be better.
  • The modern and classic windows application will integrates better.
  • It can easily add the loads of included utilities and application on it.
  • The performance will improve and the start button is back.
  • The boot option to the desktop will be the default one in both desktop and laptop.


  • The dual nature on its makes the confusion to the user.
  • The windows app store will lack the big titles.
  • The apps will include and there is a lag in the installation of this device.
  • Here you need to conscious about this discussion in this point.

This process of activating the windows without any cost is not a legal process. This process of activation will violet the business policy of Microsoft corporation. the main purpose of this activator tool is not to violet the policy of the company. We offer this activator software to the people those who have not the ability to purchase the genuine software from the proper authority. We just want to reach this software to all class of people and encourage them to use the genuine version from the authority. We expect that most of the trial version user like the students and the unemployment people will have the ability to purchase the genuine version from the proper authority.

After complete the reading of this content if it suits you then you can download this windows 8.1 activator for permanent windows. You may use this for the touch screen device. In the cloud it will gives the better integration. You can save your relevant data and you will also able to send it through the emails to the cloud directly.

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